Thursday, May 17, 2012


Up early but still got a slow start.  To village to pick up Pastor and President to head to USAID Winner.  It is a big agricultural project not far from the village.  They gave us a tour and are going to help the villagers with a soil test and other materials.
Pastor, Emily, Kevin, Marty, Elva, President, Don
President and Pastor have a 6 month course they are taking where they go twice a week to class.

Back to village, said hello to Paraguayans.  Played with the kids while Marty talked business with their translator.

Village to meet with Irfan from UNOPS about site plan and the easiest transition from temporary shelters to the new homes as some will need to be disassembled to construct the rest of the houses.  Because there are men working again today, a few of the women started a little store with cold water and bread with butter.  It was awesome to see them working together to make some money!

Lunch under a tree, then into town. Stopped for bathroom and coca colas at the National gas station near the airport.

To an Electrical-Mechanical place downtown for a pole for the solar panels for the pump at the garden.

Stopped at FOHO - Friends of Haiti Organization (Free Methodist Church Organization) to show our first time Haiti visitors around.  Ran into Gary in the street.  He helped in the village when the Spring Arbor team was here in April.
Back to base.  Emails, phone calls, decisions to make.  Went for a run with Carlitos. Dinner.

Heart to heart with Hermanito (Deacon, Carlos) about the village and also about a small incident that happened.  I appreciate his protectiveness and the fact that he does feel responsible for me.  I know I've said it before but I appreciate his spiritual guidance and perspective.  He really is my Paraguayan Papa.

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