Friday, May 18, 2012


Early morning meeting with the guys, Colonel Britos, Colonel Gonzalez, Captain Jara (English speaker) and I about the work the Paraguayans are doing.

Picked up Johnbern and his cousin, Jeffrey near the US Enbassy and headed to the village.

Today is Haiti's Flag Day so there was no school and most businesses were closed.  This also means that there were many impromptu parades.  People were dancing, drummers drumming, people wearing blue and red.  Every little bit we drove there would be 30-50 people gathered, waving flags to celebrate together.

Got to the village and began what I thought would be a very quick meeting over a discrepancy in the list the Pastor and President gave me.  What should have been a short visit to the village took almost three hours.  Heated discussion.

Back into town for lunch at Epidor (only fast food like place in Haiti).  I helped JB with a few things for his trip to the States in September.  I am so proud of him for earning a spot as a Fellow in a program for international musicians. Ah-mazing!!

Back to base after a long drive back for a one hour rest.

Drove downtown to show the guys the main market area.  Not really a good place to take photos as the area is a little rough.

Dinner at La Maison restaurant.  Back to base for some social time with the guys and then went to bed.  Another workday tomorrow!

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