Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Construction Begins

Breakfast in the dining hall, stopped at MSC, out to site.  Soo overjoyed to see UNOPS laying the site out and beginning the floors for the new houses!

Visited Paraguayans at the garden as they have just continued the work.  They invited me to sit for some terrerre (their special tea).

Back to the base because I forgot the ID Cards of the people I had copied Monday.  Oops.  About 1 hour 45 minutes round trip.

Peanut Butter and jelly for lunch on the side of the road.  We were hoping for a shaded tree, but no such luck.
Marty, Jeffrey, Kevin and John
Checked on UNOPS construction in the village and wellhouse work in the garden, then met with Dr B, Pastor, President, Marty, and Kevin under the mango tree.

Back to site, then straight to base.  Now that the 4 guys are here, I feel like the host.  The Commander has said on more than one occasion that I am just one of them now.  I walked them to dinner, then went and took a shower.

Carlos, Carlitos and I went to pick up the girl from the airport.  Her name is Haydee and she is originally from Venezuela, but currently lives in... Ann Arbor, Michigan!  We met her at the airport when her driver forgot to pick her up.  She came over to the base for dinner.  I'm excited to catch up with her in the States.

Emily and Haydee 

Carlos Martinez, Carlos Martinez, Haydee, Emily, Lt Colonel Gonzalez, Mayor
Drove through crazy rain water in the streets.  Cleaned up my room and bed.

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