Saturday, June 30, 2012

Solar Pump

I love Haiti.  It feels good to be back again.  I have missed these people.

My trip starts by joining Marty T, Kevin T and Don S on the end of their trip.  They have been working to complete the solar pump that we began the last trip.  Showing up and seeing progress feels amazing.

Putting the finishing touches on the pump.
Ready to flip the switch to test the pump!  Kevin T, Don S, Juckson, Marty T, James

On the other side, the well will service the garden and
on this side the community will be able to get the water they need.
It works!  What a relief to see that the water will be able to service the community!  Now, it is time to get the land prepared to plant.

Thursday, June 28, 2012


My pretty sister gave me a ride to the airport today.  Thank you, sister!!

Tradition.  Before every trip - without fail - I crave milk.  It has become an airport tradition.