The Project

Village de Nouvelle Vie (New Life Village) is a small development project right outside of Port-au-Prince, Haiti for 28 families displaced by the January 12, 2010 earthquake.  After living in a tent camp for over 18 months, they choose to relocate to this site to begin a new life.

After meeting their basic relief needs of shelter and food, we have transitioned to the development phase of the project which includes plans to:
  • Create a model community that fosters cooperation, participation, and community pride
  • Enhance agricultural programs through co-operative farming to decrease malnutrition
  • Provide micro-enterprise opportunities through a revolving fund to help advance business development and economic stability
  • Research a permanent housing option for families for long term sustainability  
Tent Camp the families came from in Lilivois 6.
Relocation site before construction.
Village de Nouvelle Vie at LaTrembly 5.  Currently in development.
My Involvement
I've contributed to the planning, construction and development of this new community.  With a few others, I have been involved in the entire progress of this project including:
  • Building the temporary shelters
  • Supervising the instillation of a vergnet pump, three latrines with four stalls each, a security light, and a community center pavilion
  • Visiting a variety of tent camps to interview potential families
  • Selecting of beneficiaries
  • Secured donations of a Child-Friendly Spaces play area for children and a Cholera Re-hydration Station
  • Assisted in multiple health clinics
  • Preparation of agricultural land for crops and constructed a chicken house for a chicken project
  • Implementation of a revolving fund to establish small commerce
Community Meeting
This project has been made possible by the hard work of Marty and Cheryl Trepus, Kendra Trepus Luna and I along with a variety of volunteers and organizations we have networked with throughout this adventure.

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