Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Happy Independence Day!

Ok, so you are probably concerned because it is not yet July 4th, but that is because it is Independence Day for Paraguay! 201 years this year!  For this day, they had a very special ceremony and celebration - inviting people from other bases within the UN and special friends.
Emily and Carlos Martinez (Hermanito)
I remember visiting the base last year around this time and going to their celebration then.  It was fun to realize I have know Carlos Martinez for exactly one year.  Crazy!
Emily and Carlitos Martinez
Kevin Trepus, Lt Colonel Gonzalez, Don Smith, John Cross, Commander Britos, Emily Hendershot, Marty Trepus
This time the ceremony was at 8am so they could have a free day.  It was fun to know more people this time around.

Afterwards, a small reception in the dining hall of the officials with their special guests. Lots of photos and small talk. I didn't realize how many Colonels I knew from my other visits.

Lt Colonel Gonzalez and Emily
It is also Mother's Day in Paraguay, so they gave me flowers at the reception as a "future" mother.

Lt Colonel Gonzalez, Emily Hendershot, Commander Britos

A special lunch followed.  I was on the phone with an organization, so they took the 4 guys (Marty, Kevin, Don and John) to the dining hall of the officials and Carlos and Carlitos took me to the dining hall of the others.  More than one person told me how happy they were that I spent time with "the people".  It was a little funny.

After lunch, I changed for work.  UNOPS called and the boss said he was heading out to the site to meet Dr B.  This was a little concerning after the Dr's change in attitude and the conflicting things he has been telling us and the people of the village.

Headed to Log Base - stopped at IOM and FAO offices.  To Delimart (grocery store) to make copies of ID cards. Stopped in the grocery store for ICE CREAM!!!!  To UNOPS offices.  Simon said things went well with the doctor and they will finish everything Thursday.

Back to base by 6pm.  Rested before dinner.  Ran into the Commander's personal assistant.  It was the first time we spoke one on one.  I like having friends of all rankings.  Dinner in the main dining hall with a small group.  I like that I am understanding more Spanish!

I feel so blessed to have made such great friends who honor me and will do everything they can to help me with the project and as a guest at their base.

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