Friday, March 2, 2012

Settling In

Well, I made it back!

As soon as the plane began to descend into Port-au-Prince, I could feel the heat rising.
Haiti is hot.  Very hot.

It is a weird yet extremely joyful feeling to be back.  Almost every time I return, it feels like I never left.

Pastor Rod came down for a few days to help with my transition.  He is such a visionary and is so wise.  I really enjoy being around him.  Right now the team at the base includes Chris, Cassandra and I with one translator.  Chris is Pastor Rod's son and is acting as the Director of Haiti Operations of Victory World Missions.  Cassandra runs the Kidz Clubs that we do and I am the Administrator.

Being with a new group is an adjustment, but has been fun.  I've been supporting Cassandra and helping with the Kidz Clubs.  It will be my primary role until two other team members return from their much deserved time off in the States.

I've arrived during some serious down time for Victory Compassion which has made the transition easy, but I'm also aching to do something.  Whenever I'm here, I am usually so overactive that this feels like a whole different Haiti to me.

Everyone has been so welcoming.  Cassandra is my roommate and we have a little dorm to ourselves.  It feels like the Hilton compared to the places I've stayed.  I've gone from a place where I slept on a cot in a mosquito net with no running water and inconsistent electricity to a palace!  I have a huge, legitimately comfortable bed with our own bathroom, two air conditioners, one ceiling fan and a mini-fridge!  A huge blessing!!!!

Thanks for your continued thoughts and prayers during this time of transition.  The first four days have flown by, but the next three months will be an amazing experience with plenty of joy, tears and adventure.

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