Monday, March 5, 2012

A Little Honesty

I've got to be honest with you.  I've been a little uninspired to write.  This adjustment to the new group has been more difficult than I anticipated.

I need some serious prayer.  Will you pray for me?

My desire is to serve the people, working alongside Haitians to bring out the best in them to glorify God.

There are so many amazing things happening because of Victory Compassion and through them here in Haiti.  It is incredible to see the blessing they have been while supporting many orphanages, churches and local people in this area.

I'm having a hard time being so far away from town.  I love the action and excitement of the city.  Here, we dwell far out in the country, near the Haitian/Dominican Republic border.

Every day for the first six months I was here was very different.  I've done it all... building shelters, random meetings, interviewing families, gardening, etc.  I've worked alongside the families.  With the new group we have a very consistent routine right now and have been focusing on outreach through their Kidz Clubs.  Even with this being a little different than I am used to, it is an awesome ministry for Christ.  This work is vital to see change in Haiti, but my ministry has been working with the people, building relationships with a small group, not preaching to large groups.

I think a major element has been not having very many people around.  Right now our team consists of three with help from a few Haitians to carry out the work.  I know that once teams begin to arrive, I will see things differently and will also begin more of the administrative work.  For now, I am in a waiting place.

Will you pray for me as God works on my heart and guides me through this experience?  Please also pray for our team, the people of Haiti and their continued development.

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