Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Friends In Weird Places

If you've been following my blog, you've seen my friendship with the Paraguayan UN military bloom over time.  Some of my closest friends finished their year of service in Haiti in December and have gone back to Paraguay.  After staying on their base during my last trip, our friends connected us to the new leadership.

After church on Sunday, my close friend who stayed another year, his son and the new Colonel came to surprise me.  I was in a weird place so it was fun to see some familiar faces!

They took me into town to visit the base and meet some of the new people. The Paraguayans have done a lot for the Village I've been working on, so I enjoyed being able to say thank you.

The Deacon at the base is Carlos Martinez, whom I call Hermanito.  In English it means "Little Brother".  His son, Carlos showed me around the base as they had made some changes, then the new Colonel took me to BellMart (grocery store) to buy a card for the phone they gave me.  When they handed it over, they already had all of the leadership team's phone numbers in the contact list.

It is awesome to have such hospitable friends who desire to take care of you in this harsh environment.

I was also very happy to spend time speaking with Hermanito while I reflected on my first week in Haiti.  His insights were helpful and I am so grateful for the friendship.

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