Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kidz Club

One of the main ministries of Victory Compassion are their Kidz Clubs.  It is an uplifting program that they use to reach children in the inner-city of Tulsa, Oklahoma that has been adapted here.

Mostly implemented in schools and orphanages, the hour long program includes songs, games, a puppet skit, Bible story and weekly teaching.

The kids really get into it.  In some cases we do it in small villages.  One village we visited would be on the same lines of an inner-city in the US.  The kids are aggressive toward each other, they hardly ever have all their clothes on... but for that one hour they (usually) behave the entire time with even their mothers showing up for the afternoon's entertainment.  It is almost like soap opera hour.

Today, Cassandra and I were leading Kidz Club at CAD (Center of Action for Development, an orphanage of rescue vics) with the help of our translator, Max.  Cassandra had asked Jeanilia, a good Haitian friend, how to say "I whip my hair back and forth" in creole because our puppets have crazy hair.  It is a song that was made popular by the daughter of actor Will Smith.  Before we started the skit, we sang the song and the kids thought we were nuts but laughed with us.

Puppet Skit at Miracle Village's school
Here I am leading the game at Miracle Village.
We had about 150 kids.
Jeanilia, Cassandra, Max before Kidz Club
Max and I welcoming the kids!
Cassandra teaching at Love-A-Child's School.
We had about 250 kids.
Currently, Victory Compassion (VC) is doing 7 Kidz Clubs each week.  The goal is to train nationals to take over the ministry and to lead the Clubs with VC's support.

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