Monday, December 12, 2011

Day of Progress

I've had the singing bug this trip.  I love to sing and have no idea why I haven't.  I used to sing with my Mom and sisters at church and sometimes even alone.  Maybe it is the karaoke the Paraguayans are always doing.

At any rate, we've been listening to my favorite playlist on my iPod during our drives and it just makes me so happy.

Floyd (the van) has still not recovered and the parts we need won't be here until Tuesday evening.  Nothing like cutting it close to when we leave.

We are so grateful to have good friends in high places, so the Colonel allowed the Deacon to escort us around town in a UN pick up truck.  (How cool is that?!)  The weekend was fun, but we are more than ready to get back into our grove!

Headed up the mountain to our early meeting.  When we left about 6:30am, all the guys were in their formal formation for morning attendance and meetings.  It was fun to see.

Meeting at World Vision went well.  Our village is under consideration as an option for the grant proposal.  This would mean much needed funds for further agricultural and micro-enterprise opportunities for our families.

Took Kendra and Sue to the Giant supermarket.  It's a different world.  Probably one of the cleanest places in Haiti.  Much cleaner and newer than the hospitals I've seen.  Scary.

Long drive back down the mountain and to Croix-des-Bouquets.  As soon as we arrived we introduced Hermanito to the people and then gave him a tour.  I can't believe he has never been here!  Took him to the garden.  Then, a man from the community rode by on a donkey and the Deacon got really excited.  Everyone calls him Hermanito, so he was sure to get a few pictures of the guy.

We walked back toward the HELP school and clinic.  The Japanese finished the hospital demolition they were working on during my last trip and the school looks great.

The school is for first through third grades right now, but they will add a grade every year.  All the kids came to say hello.  I especially liked seeing the kids from our village.  They are adorable in their uniforms.

Spent time with Dr. B and saw Miss Coutard.  They have a guy from the US working with them for a year.  He is studying to be a doctor - so he sees some patients and teaches English at the school.  His name is Jay and he is from Illinois.  The kids kept saying his name earlier and I didn't make the connection that they were saying it because we are both white.  How funny.

Walked back to the village for a meeting with Carl from Haitian Broilers.  He came out to see our site.  We are considering a bigger chicken project... about 400 chickens eventually.

Kendra and I went back to see Dr B while Hermanito tried to help jump the Pastor's car and Sue played with the kids and rested in the truck.  She gave Jackie her sandals today since she saw how hard Jackie has been working in the garden with the Pastor.

The talk with Dr B went really well.  He gave us a heads up with some drama that was happening and had some great things to say.  I appreciate that his approach has been more hands off, but that he also helps fill us in on things we miss when we are gone or things we can't understand in terms of culture.

Back to the base for dinner in our container.  A cheeseburger with egg.  Weird diet.

Peru's camp is located next door and they had their Medal Parade Ceremony tonight.  A few of the Parengcoy officers went and we could hear everything that was happening while we played volleyball.  After the game ended, Kendra and a former sports coach played two on two with Captain Florentin and I.

We showered then later I noticed all these terrible bruises all over my arms.  I guess they are from playing volleyball.  They really hurt and I still can't figure it out because it didn't happen any of the other days.  It looked like I had gotten beat up.  Our doctor friend was concerned.

Up late again to hang out with our friends.  I was taught simple bachata dance moves by Diego.  Fun night.

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