Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Funday

Today our vehicle-less vacation continued with a day at the base.

Emails, phone calls.

Our container!  Kendra on Skype with her family.
Our bathroom.  The door says "VIP Male Bathroom".
Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Took a nap.

Went to Mass (read my Bible the whole time).

Made lots of calls about the van parts.

Played volleyball with the guys.

Kendra keeps saying she has seen a different side of me this trip.  The fun and silly side I think is what she means.  I told her it's because I've been playing sports and have free time for once!  :).

Later, Hermanito taught us self defense moves.  Don't mess with me.

Did I mention that our little container is right next to the fenced in gun container?  We feel very safe!

Hermanito and Kendra had theology class again tonight while I helped Sue upload pictures to her facebook.  She fell asleep.

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