Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Emotional Day

Walked with Kendra very early this morning.  Breakfast with both Colonels and then we prepared for our meeting with the Japanese.

Meeting with Japengcoy to basically beg them to move the last seven (7) homes for us so ACTED can begin building.  That is the only thing holding us back.  The meeting went well.  At first they said they could come out in January, then they said they would visit tomorrow to do a site visit.  Yes!  While Kendra and I were there, Sue got stuff together for our day and cleaned up the container.  She has such a servant's heart.

There are always tears in Haiti and today was my day.  Sue read Psalm 69 about drowning and being overwhelmed on the ride out to the site in our UN Truck with Hermanito and Kendra.

When we pulled up to the village, I got out of the car and walked back to the road.  I had my iPod and I just sat down and cried.  I listened to Kristian Stanfill's "Always".

Oh, my God, He will not delay
My refuge and strength always
I will not fear, His promise is true
My God will come through always, always

I was feeling so overwhelmed.  The van broke down, things were delayed and kept changing.  The people in our village are hungry, they need hope and when we are in the country and things aren't working in their favor, it kills me.  That's why I keep coming back.  We aren't creating dependability, but when we work so hard for organizations to promise us things and then the people are waiting on us, but we are waiting on those organizations, it is so frustrating.  We are so close to some amazing things for these people and in turn sustainability for them without us.  But when Lord, when?

Kendra came over and we talked and prayed.

Spent time saying hello to everyone.  Then, we got down to business.  First we met with the President out in the open.  We called Bony over.  He was given a temporary shelter and hasn't used it.  At all.  Ugh.  Kendra took the lead on this conversation.  It was very interesting!  He wants to keep it, but he isn't going to use it.  Things got a little heated.  When the conversation was over, I sang to him and made him dance with me.  Then we were friends again...and it worked!  Since we were out in the open under the pavilion, everyone was laughing!

Post-Bony Meeting 

Yes, the dance actually happened.  I even dipped him.
During this time Sue and Pastor prepared items for distribution.  Thanks, Sue!!

Pastor and Susan Ranney
Next we had a meeting with only the Pastor, then we had a meeting with both.  While Kendra and I talked with both of them through Joseph, Susan helped families get water and mingled with everyone.

Sue Ranney and Megine
The conversation with the President and Pastor went very well.  Basically, there was some jealousy in leadership happening, so a power struggle began.  We met with both of them to hold them accountable and to remind them that they are the leaders but they are there to serve the people.  Then they told me I am the mother of the village.  I told them we love them and that we need them to set an example for the others.  The meeting ended on a high note.

After all these meetings, we had a family meeting with the whole group!  We allowed the President and Pastor to both speak.  They even shook hands in front of everyone.  We gave them updates on what is coming in the near future and they shared concerns.  Many around health for the children, food and education for the older kids.  Lots of clapping by all.  We ended in a song, prayer and of course, a group photo.

A quick distribution happened afterwards because the sun was going down and we needed to be back before dark because of our escort.  Through donations from IOM and items that Sue brought, we were able to distribute rice and spaghetti, a hygiene kit from IOM, water jugs, more hygiene items and a few toys.

Hermanito isn't usually allowed off base without a security guard, but here he is driving us crazy girls around.  He calls me Hermanita.  We sang Perdoname most of the day as we drove around (the karaoke song that Major Rotella usually sings).

Left late, back to base after dark.  Omar finally came... He came so many days late, but I'm glad he is here.

Market at base.  Ran with Major Rodriguez a few times around the volleyball courts because I had too much energy.  We raced a few times too.

Dinner of typical Paraguayan food.

Captain Florentin and Mayor Rotella came over and gave Kendra the karaoke songs for her computer.  We sang a few of our favorites, including Perdoname and Major Rotella ate half the container of pretzels.

They left for 30 minutes so we could get cleaned up.  Diego (the doctor) and Major Rodriguez came back to talk and look at pictures afterwards.

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