Friday, July 15, 2011

The Random Days Between

The Paraguayans spent the whole day at our site.  The workload is to prepare a better fence for security around the village and doing another around the agriculture land.  They are also helping to move five temporary shelters to make room for our ACTED plywood homes.

The UN Paraguayan's truck knocked a power line down.
We were in the middle of the caravan, so we waited.
They moved shelters first.

On their breaks, the Paraguayans took turns taking pictures with
the new baby, mom and grandma.
The kids helped me put dirt and gravel at the bottom of the shelters.
We passed out medicines prescribed by Dr Suarez.

There are four men carrying from the inside.
The fence was four feet tall and had three strands of barbwire across the top.
On another day, we got the agricultural land going.

The guys working hard!

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