Saturday, July 16, 2011

Last Full Workday

Up, started to pack.  Left before 8am.  Drove all the way into town to print pictures for Yonel and Wilnise (parents of the new baby).  They asked me to take some pictures and print them to keep for the future.  It took awhile to drive into town and we waited over an hour for 12 pictures to print.  The place was actually a photo I had to take a picture.

Johnbern and Laurel
Yonel and baby Elby.

Back toward Croix-des-Bouquets to stop at Marassa Market.  Changed money and got ice cream to eat at 10:30am.  Sang Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, and Backstreet Boys songs.  Even JB new the beat and words!

Drove downtown CdB because Laurel and I really wanted to buy Haitian honey at a grocery store (it's delicious!).  We stopped and JB asked for directions - an off duty police officer was hanging with his friends and was bored enough to help.  He got in Floyd and away we drove to the market.

The market is down a very narrow road - it was crazy!  Laurel took a good video of it (see below).  The guys got out to buy the honey so they didn't charge the "blan" or gringos a fortune. We waited for what felt like an hour so I called Johnbern and he said the lady was washing the bottles.  I thought he meant the outside, but I soon found out he meant the inside as they brought us honey in old pop bottles.  We thought they were confused so Laurel opened one to see a dead bee in the honey, sitting at the top.  Wow were we surprised.  The police officer liked us so much he wanted to take us home to his wife to introduce us.

Straight out to land to take care of business.  Passed out final supplies and tools.  Took care of extra house.  Sat down with the Pastor since the President wasn't around.  It was nice to talk to him only.  He is such a sweet man.

The three of us moved under the pavilion to talk to the people.  Johnbern started first by telling them that we were leaving and we weren't sure if or when we or someone else would be coming back.  He started to cry as he shared his heart.  People were more upset than I thought they would be about us leaving.  Laurel spoke next about all God has provided for the them - all the possibilities they have and how this shouldn't be a sad time, but a happy time as this is the beginning of new things for them.  I wanted to share, but I decided to hold in my tears instead until Madame Dutes asked me to speak.  I instantly started to cry but started from the beginning about how each home was made with a lot of love, about the group that came and how there are people all over the United States praying for them.  I also told them I love them.

A few people shared deeply moving things about us.  They were even the ones to suggest a group photo!  Even with the language barrier, I could feel the love.  The Pastor wanted to talk, but he got choked up, so he waited a minute and prayed for us.

Some of the families.
We took a few pictures and Molive Mesifort pulled me aside without Johnbern to exchange phone numbers while she pointed to her stomach.  She is the one who is about 3 months pregnant and I was there when she found out.  Molive was upset because her husband is abusive and they are in the middle of separating.  We thought she had taken an abortion pill, but JB and I talked to her and were relieved when she told us she hadn't.  Thank you, Lord.

I sat on the top of Floyd (the van) while Johnbern drove around so we could get a video.

The people of the village helped Johnbern check the oil, we hugged everyone and away we drove.  A few people wanted a ride to the main road, so we had Johnbern tell them we needed to jam to our 2 favorite songs - Call on Jesus by Nicole C Mullen and Stomp by Kirk Franklin.  We all sang and danced as JB drove us to the entrance of LaTremblay 5.

Stopped to see Pastor Abne' to give him the money for the first 2 months.  He is such an inspiration.  I can't understand him, but I see God in him.  Amazing.

To Victory Compassion base to unload all of the car and get it washed inside and out.  In the little park in Font Parisen there was a man with a power washer - good enough!  Laurel, Johnbern, and I sat in the park and dreamed of what it could be.  All the kids came up and we talked with them and relaxed.  This area has such potential.

Back to Victory Compassion - packed a little in the van.  Dinner of turkey, potatoes, and garlic bread. A beautiful last supper with the VC folks.  In the middle of dinner, Pastor Rod got up and gave me a send off speech.  I was overwhelmed with joy.  He said I enriched their lives simply by being in it.  I truly feel like part of their family now and feel so blessed that I am welcome back anytime.  They had everyone give me "three cheers" and then Mary made chocolate cake!

Played 2 games of Dominos with the Dominicans.  Finished packing up the tent with Johnbern and Laurel.

Tents at Victory Compassion.  I stayed in the one on the right.
We stayed here full-time after we left Juju's house.
Inside the sleeping quarters/workroom (my tent).
Stayed the night in Mary's trailer, Laurel came over for the sleepover as well.  We stayed up until 1am!  I've loved spending time with her.  We are on the same page but still learned a lot from one another.  At one point she told me she actually felt guilty for having so much fun with us as most of her days haven't been in town adventures like ours.

I am so grateful we stumbled across this group of people.  They have enriched my experience in Haiti and I really feel like because of them we were able to do more.  Victory Compassion's team took us in and their compound was definitely our safe place.  I can see how God is using them in Haiti and I feel honored to have been able to experience it too.

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