Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 28

Devotions with Victory Compassion were good this morning. I enjoyed mingling with the group over breakfast too.

Out on the road Johnbern, Laurel and I went. We headed to downtown to buy rice, beans and other items at a depot so that the people could add it to the donated clothes Kendra brought to start a small store.

On the way we stopped at a gas station with a Western Union inside so Johnbern could send his apartment rent to Jarabacoa. $50 US a month for a big place - must be nice. Johnbern got spaghetti for breakfast and Laurel got a hot sandwich. Laurel was a little nervous to go in because of a story she heard from Miguel from the Dominican team from Barahona about a bank. Banks in Haiti are dangerous! While JB was in line, Laurel and I sat on the restaurant side to disassociate ourselves. We didn't want them thinking JB was taking out money for us, etc. Apparently we were so caught up in our conversation that we didn't even see the group of 5 guys who walked in and b-lined it to our table. Johnbern called us over to go outside to get away from them. He is so protective and good to us.

Downtown was crazy this morning on Jean Jacques Boulevard (a famous market area in PAP). I felt fine there but because of all the people and how just one thing happening can make things turn south quickly, he made Laurel and I stay in Floyd (the van). It was his first time in a market like that so he came back laughing with a story to tell. Today he shared a lot with Laurel about his past life experiences.

We get a little concerned about taking pictures in crowded places, so this is Laurel's attempt from the van...trying to be secretive...

Drove back toward Croix-des-Bouquets and the village. Dropped JB off for band practice. Met the Hoffmans at our village. One of the ministries they do is to show a movie about Jesus. It is set in Haiti and goes back and forth between real people and animation. Even with it being in creole, I could still understand the bible stories they were telling through the animation. Everyone who was around sat with us in the new house - eyes glued to the sheet projecting the video. It was only 50 minutes long.

After the movie we gave the President and Pastor the donated clothes and food we bought with the explanation that they needed to pay back 2,000 goudes or $50 and we would give that to someone to start a small business, then they pay it back and someone else can use it. This is something that another lady working in Haiti suggested that we do because it holds the people accountable.  Immediately they started discussing as a group what should be done, so Laurel and I left to go pick ip Johnbern from practice.

Everyone had asked where JB was earlier, so when he arrived he agreed that he actually missed the people since we hadn't seen them since Friday. It was perfect. He explained everything about the store to them. Joked with them. We told them Haiti had the best honey, they told us they would make us homemade peanut butter if we brought the supplies. Yum!

Laurel played with the kids - that's where her heart is. Johnbern and I lounged in the back of a pick-up truck with the men of the village. They made jokes and talked about job hunting.  I didn't understand hardly anything, but it was fun to feel included.

Back to VC before dark. A fun day today! Pastor Rod is back from being gone about 2 weeks. He adds a different energy to the group and to the teams that come. Dinner, then had birthday brownies for Brian. We sang Happy Birthday in English, then the Dominicans sang it to him in Spanish, then the interpreters sang it in Creole. It was amazing!

Later, Brian sang with his guitar, then Eduard D did a rap.  They were both really good and very fun!  Everyone enjoyed just hanging around and doing something different tonight.

Sherry and John Zimmer

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