Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The End

July 17/18
Up at 5:30am.  Left at 6:15am.  Up the mountain to meet JB's sister Shnieda to have her keep food and a few toys for all his sisters.To Pastor Abne's church in a garden of palms trees- completely tropical.  It was the anniversary of their church so they rented a sound system and had a party.  We told him we could only stop by.  The music started off rough and JB had a hard time.  During the greeting time, the Pastor came over and Johnbern asked him if he could give him a gift.  The Pastor agreed, so JB spoke and then played a song for Haiti.  I always forget how talented he really is.  The people loved it, then we went to leave and the Pastor chased us out with two styrofoam containers of food for lunch.  I just love his attitude and openness.  We've really bonded with him over the last week.  He keeps telling us how sad he is that we are leaving.

Straight to the border.  I was a little nervous to go in to the buildings and talk as I usually wait in the car while Kendra goes in.  Saw our new police officer friend, Jimmy.

Haitian side was a piece of cake.  Dominican side was tough, but at the last check point they were very friendly.

Long drive to Santo Domingo.  Stayed with JB's friend.

Next day we drove around SD, had breakfast, drove to Boca Chica to swim in the ocean!  Yes!  Clear, warm ocean water - incredible.

Went to see Columbus' house, Hard Rock Cafe and the touristy area of the city.  Saw the park, walked around the shops.  Dinner at Pasta and Pasta with his friend Patrice and Patrice's "girlfriend".  That's another story.

To visit their old roommate, then the house where his drums have been stored since April.  Back to Patrice's to sit outside with his neighbors.  Bed late.

Woke up early to pack van, breakfast at a sandwich shop, dropped Patrice off at school, then got Joquin (guy driving the van back to Jarabacoa) from the bus station.

To cybercafe to exchange photos and then to the airport. JB helped me take my bag in.  We hugged and cried.  I hate leaving.  After spending so much time together the last 7 months, I feel like he has become such a great friend.  We've had each other's backs during this completely insane experience.

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