Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 27

Up at 5:30 am to head back to Victory Compassion from the hotel. Dropped off JB's bass player friend, Johnson. He is a cool guy.

Back to VC after the hour drive. Napped for 30 minutes, showered and to church at CAD, an orphanage down the street. They do kids church every Sunday and today talked about the Holy Spirit to all the little kids.

Had a good lunch and rested. Napped for a few hours because I was so exhausted from last night. Woke up and had a little misunderstanding with JB. We decided to drive out to the entrance to grab a coca cola and sit in the "park" or "square". Talked with a few people, then drove down to the Love a Child Village. It was nice to be out, but not too far from the base and to just be hanging around instead of rushing somewhere.  People (especially the kids) end up gravitating toward you.  Its fun to see them so curious about some white girl hanging in the square.

Before we headed back, I asked Johnbern if we could stop at the car wash across the street to correct my wrong. Awhile ago I asked JB why they had coins and bills for some goudes and he said that they just did. So I assumed the coin that said 50 was the same as the 50 goude bill... I got a carwash with Laurel and last time Kendra gave a tip, so I gave a tip this time. It wasn't until 3 days later when we were in the Marassa Market that we realized I had given them 50 cents... Only half a goude!  That is a tip of 2.5 cents in the US. Whoops. We drove up and the guy was working. He saw me and laughed - Johnbern translated and we gave him a legit tip. I had been embarassed for a few days until we fixed it today. Yikes.

Back to VC for dinner, tried to plan tomorrow. A new group arrived today so there are people everywhere.  Washed dishes with Sherry.  I enjoyed spending some time talking to her.  JB helped me sort medicines and then to bed I went.

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