Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 21

Happy Independence Day!

I woke up today to the Americans in the group singing the National Anthem before breakfast.  The Hoffman Family (Andy and Erin with their 4 girls - Hannah 13, Audrey 11, Ellie 7, and Ava 3) are all wearing American Flag shirts today.  They are the Camp Directors and Erin's sister Laurel will be hanging with JB and I since Kendra is gone.

Headed to the village to talk to the President and Pastor about the decisions ACTED made about the plywood homes. Out of our 25 families, 6 are No's and 1 is being investigated further. They were helping Dr Brutus clear land since the Inauguration of the school is tomorrow.

Talked with Brutus for awhile. Met a few of his friends who were watching our villagers work. Aye.

Headed to ProHuerta to see their agricultural project - people who have used their gardening methods no longer suffer from anemia and other illnesses.  After we told him our whole village suffered from anemia, the project manager was excited to get us connected with more information.  He gave us a tour of his personal garden and we set an appointment for Wednesday morning to meet with another representative.  He was sure to clarify 9am Haitian time, NOT American time.  That basically means we shouldn't be on-time, but adopt Latin American culture and take it easy.

Into town to pick up money from Lubens - Kendra's former truck driver.  He is repaying some of the loan today.  Stopped for Haitian food off the street on the way and ate it at JB's Dad's work.  His Dad runs the security at the police academy in Woodfair.  The area was fenced in and looked like a park on a college campus with trees and green grass.  We ate rice, bean sauce, and beef from our styrofoam containers as we listened to music from Laurel's iPod.

Back on the road and up the mountain toward Petionville.  On the way we stopped at JB's Grandma's to see his other smaller sisters.  It is the house he lived in from when he was born to about 8 years old.  Only stayed for 5 minutes and one of his little sisters got upset when he went to leave.  He really does a lot for them.

Met Lubens for the money.  Stopped at the grocery store for items for s'mores and possibly firecrackers of some kind.  Since Petionville is the rich area - they have amazing American-like grocery stores.  Stopped at 3 - only got s'mores supplies.  Johnbern didn't bring any clothes for Dr Brutus' school inauguration tomorrow, so we dropped him off on the street to go shopping.  After much negotiating, he came down to tell us what he got.  He knew the price would be better for him if we weren't around. Smart!

Back down the mountain - stopped at one last store and got small firecrackers fit the 4th of July party.

At the base we had burgers, potato salad, and baked beans.  Dessert of s'mores and we lit the firecrackers.  Not that cool, but made noise like a firework.

John told Johnbern about the clothes people from teams had left behind.  He said JB could go through and keep any he wanted.  He found a few shirts, flip flops, and a hat.  I think he liked getting a few things, even if they weren't his style.  Who doesn't like new clothes?

Talked with everyone in the kitchen over s'mores.  Bed later than I wanted, but it was a fun night.

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