Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day 20

Enjoyed last night at Paraguayan base.  They threw Kendra a Going Away Party in conjunction with a birthday.  The Colonel invite us and all the Majors and Captains - about 20 people around the table.  I sat between Kendra and the Colonel (or Commander - the highest rank here anyways).  After dinner and ice cream, they broke out Spanish karaoke.  Wow!  Right before we left they conned me into singing the Backstreet Boys' song - Quit Playin' Games with my Heart in English.  How many people can say they sang karaoke with the Paraguayan military on their base in Haiti?

With today being Kendra's last day, we ate breakfast with everyone at Victory Compassion so that she could say her goodbyes.

Straight to the airport to drop Kendra off. Quick goodbye.

Johnbern wanted to watch Brazil play soccer, so we went to La Maison restaurant to have lunch and watch the game.  Then, we went up the mountain to visit his Dad.  His Dad was excited to give me a tour of his small home that he and Johnbern built together.

Afterwards, we visited his sister Marie Danie at the hospital.  This is our second visit.  We spent the rest of the day driving her around to different places to try to find treatment.  A very difficult situation that I would love to share if you are interested.

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