Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day 22

To land this a.m. to meet with the President and Pastor about ACTED houses.  Finally touched base with both of them.  Overall good conversation and they understood.

Visited HELP to help with last minute details before the Inauguration.

Back to VC compound to have lunch and get ready as the dress code is "sexy chic".  Found a car wash.  250g to wash outside and inside.  Took JB back to make lunch for us, Mary and the kitchen helper.

Laurel and I took the van to the car wash across the street.  Sat outside with the guys.  Laurel knows a little more creole than I, so she practiced - then the guy started talking to us in English.

Back to the compound for lunch and the 3 of us got ready.  Supposed to start at 2pm, we got there at 2:40pm and it still hadn't begun.

School had tables with fancy linens and a sound system.  Viva Rio was getting warmed up in one of the "classrooms".  The desks from USAID had just arrived and were being unloaded.

We sat with the others and Dr B introduced us to his doctor friends and others from the US.  Viva Rio did their karate/dance performance, then the Dr. spoke and someone explained the biodigester.

Fed us from a beautiful buffet.  Saw Eduard, our old security.  He was dressed in his best! Khakis and a white, long sleeve button up - he even shaved!

Sat with some of the HELP workers.  Got up to take some pictures and Miss Coutard asked me to help her serve food to the kids.  The simple process turned into a madhouse because kids would wipe their faces and then ask for another plate.  It got to the point that kids were yelling at me and pulling my clothes, so Johnbern made me quit.

A dance party with the kids came next.  Some of our villagers helped Dr Br with preparation of the land, so he let them eat and dance with us.  They were very funny.

Ended at 4pm, left about 5:30pm.  On the way back to the compound we listened to Kirk Franklin- continuing our dancing and singing from earlier.

Dinner of BBQ chicken.  Sat with the Hoffman family.  Talked with Sandra, Quinten, and John afterwards. Called Mom and bed.

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