Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 13

We were going to go to church at the CAD orphanage with the Victory Compassion group today, but then we learned that Samuel was already at the border. He is coming to spend time with us and for a few NET responsibilities.  We left at 8:30am and drove the 30 minutes to the border.  Getting through was easy on both sides, but then we realized the real problem - a cement truck fell half into the water and the other half of the road was being worked on, so we had to wait.

Kendra got out to go meet Samuel because you could still walk across the road.  JB and I had church.  He read me a few psalms and his favorite Bible verses from school.  They came back with a brunch of chicken and fried plantains.

Drove across the area where we were stopped after 2.5 hours.  Picked up fried chicken in Jimani for dinner for Victory Compassion.  Transferred things from a jeep to Floyd in a hotel parking lot.

Back to the border.  Arrived at VC to unload around 2pm.  To FOHO (Friends Of Haiti Organization) building to pick up medicines and IV solutions.  Afterwards, we headed to the land for Samuel to see Village de Nouvelle Vie ( New Life Village ) and to drop off new supplies.

To Willie's to sort medicines and ask about shipping.

To VC late for friend chicken and the best potato salad I've ever had.  Ava (3 year old) wanted to play the matching game with me.  So cute!  Talked to Johnbern afterwards, then bed.

My friend, Ava.

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