Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 14 - Trip to Dessalines

Out by 6:45am with Mary's amazing egg and cheese sandwiches.  Picked up Dr Mathurin from Project Hope and took him to the hospital in Dessalines - over 2.5 hours from Port-au-Prince.

Dr Mathurin met with Dr Fedquierie to discuss ways Project Hope could help the hospital.  Kendra has known both doctors for quite some time and was just able to connect them.  The hospital was originally a project of the Free Methodist Church and has diversified in order to receive more funding.

Drove back the 3 hours to PAP because it was heavy traffic. Stopped at the La Maision restaurant by the airport that we like for "lunch" with the doctor at 4pm. Yes, lunch.

Dropped him off up the mountain at Delmas 65 and drove toward Croix-des-Bouquets. Samuel met with Dr Brutus with Johnbern at a cyber cafe while Kendra and I went to see Dr. Willie to talk about shipping.

Back to pick up the boys and headed "home" to VC.  Johnbern and I compared meeting notes then went to bed.  Most of the VC group was in bed by the time we got back.

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