Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 12

Up at 6:30am and immediately started packing up the workroom at Juju's house.

Since stuff was stolen, we got as many things in the van as possible, then Laurel (from Victory Compassion), Johnbern, and I drove the first load to Victory Compassion (VC).

This was my first major experience driving through the busy streets of Port-au-Prince.  Wow!  So much happening - trash, dirt, people walking, trucks, cars, taptaps (taxis) and motos.  We were driving around a corner and a moto drove onto my side of the road to avoid a pot hole, so I got too close to a giant truck whose mirror was sticking far, far, far out of the vehicle.  Oops!  My mirror hit his mirror.  Johnbern (JB) gave a big sign because he knew he was going to have to handle it.  Usually the locals want money when this happens, so Johnbern got out to talk to the guys.  They, of course, wanted money until JB learned that the driver was not around.  JB told them that he was just going to call the police, so he got out his phone to pretend he was calling someone and the guys told him to just leave.  Whew.  We drove away quickly.

Unloaded at VC, good conversation about voodoo between Johnbern and Laurel on the drive back. Packed up the second load and was very surprised our entire workroom fit in.  Everything only took two trips in Floyd (the van).

Johnbern went to visit his Mom and sisters, so Kendra, Laurel, and I drove back to VC with the 2nd van full. Said goodbye to the family. I thanked Juju for all her kindness and let her know what a blessing she was through Johnbern's translation. All the kids were sad to see us go. My heart hurts a little for them because I know we won't go back there.

Unloaded at VC, reloaded and took things out to the village that are going to stay there.

Later, I picked up Johnbern in town while Kendra met with Dr Willie Severe and learned that Dr Suarez (who did the free clinic on Sunday) left the country that morning because Dr Brutus threatened him. Ohh great.

Back to VC for a late dinner, emails, and talked to Mary (the wonderful cook and finance lady), then bed.

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