Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 11

We spent most of the day at the site while ACTED interviewed all the families present.  ACTED is the organization that will build better temporary shelters in the form of plywood homes.  These new homes will be elevated from the ground for when it rains, have a sturdy foundation to survive tropical storms, and also has windows and a door.

Sidney and his team doing interviews.
It went really well, then ACTED informed us that some of the people had lied to us about their real situations.  After the earthquake, an organization went around to homes and marked them green, yellow or red.  Green means livable, yellow means repairable and red means destroyed.  Unfortunately, some people had green marks, which means their house was fine!

Headed to our meeting with the Mayor and spent time discussing the best way to handle the situation with those families who had deceived us.

Kendra has been promised land from the Mayor since November of this year.  These meetings are usually the same - greeting, small talk, ask on the progress, same answer from the Mayor.  At least we are staying in the front of his mind.

To Juju's house to find lots of items stolen.  Laurel showed kids a song from Victory Compassion's Kidz Club.  They loved it and sang it all night.  Pieced together stories of stolen items.

Johnbern made dinner. Packed up, bed early.

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