Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 10

At the village, the kids at the site all like to call my name.  I usually start to chase after the little ones and they just giggle.  The boys like to play with the soccer ball.  All the kids fight over holding my hand.  I had JB teach me how to say "I need to work".  Stanley with the hurt head is extra special to me.  He always runs up and gives me a big hug...sometimes a kiss on the check.  Megina, his older sister, is 13.  She knows some basic English, so today she wrote down creole words next to English words to teach me. Hand, chair, sit, hair, shirt.  They also helped me pass out extra supplies.

Victory Compassion brought a team out to pour the cement slab today and fix the pavilion.  It's fun to have lots of people around the site.

Kendra got upset - drove her to VC. Talked to Mary. Back to site to pick up Carter and Johnbern. Took Carter back to Juju's and drove to Victory Compassion. Cried in shower. Dinner with K, JB, Mary, and new friend Nicholas. He shared his testimony and a recent struggle. He cried, spoke with him one on one to offer encouragement. Good conversation. Bed.

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