Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 7

Woke up at Victory Compassion. Mary made us egg and cheese sandwiches, her specialty, to go.

All the way through town and up the mountain to our Viva Rio organization meeting. Viva Rio is a Brazilian NGO that builds biodigesters (turns poop into electricity, fish feed, and plant fertilizer). USAID is paying for one for Dr B's hospital.

Before and after, stopped at the hotel next door for coca colas. It was beautiful. They had Internet, so we worked and Johnbern ate Haitian spaghetti. The owner showed us around and apparently a lot of big NGOs (non-government organizations) stay there for $90-120 US dollars a night. What?! Expensive.

Kendra and Johnbern (JB)

At 1pm, drove back to Juju's house to pick up Carter. On the way we saw a box truck stuck in the ditch/water river in front of our gate to Village Theodat.

All to UN Log (Logistics) Base. To JOTC to check on fencing request, to IOM to talk to Alain, visited the World Food Program, the Agriculture cluster, Cash For Work office through World Vision and the Logistics cluster. Kendra and I split up for a few while Carter and Johnbern took turns translating for me because everyone speaks French and little English.  I'm so impressed that they both know Creole, French, Spanish and English.  Teach me!

One row of offices at the United Nations Logistics Base.
We've spent a lot of time here!

IOM (International Organization on Migration) Warehouse.
It is usually FULL of supplies.

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