Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Others Arrive

Slept in until 8am!  What a blessing since I live on this base.  Hermanito and Carlos came over and made me clean my room.  Swept, mopped, laundry, everything.  I know I wouldn't pass the military exam.  Anytime Hermanito stops by and I didn't have time to clean, he gets a little stressed being the neat freak he is.

Cleaned up van, ate lunch and picked up Marty, John Cross and Don Smith from the airport.

A girl who was supposed to be picked up be UNICEF found Carlos because her car didn't show up.  She is originally from Venezuela, but lives in....Ann Arbor, MI!  We took a detour to drop her off at her hotel and agreed on dinner sometime during her short stay!

To the base to greet the Colonels.  The guys immediately went up to Russ and Sherry's while I stayed at the base to pay our rent through playing volleyball with the Commander.  I brought him a brand new volleyball this trip and we haven't used it yet because he has been sick.

Showered, church at 7pm.  The church was overflowing as people from other bases come.  After the service, the Commander got up and introduced Marty, John and Don.  Marty said a few words and everyone was very welcoming.

Dinner with the officials followed. Caught up with the guys in their room.  Bed at a reasonable hour since they got up at 3am.

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