Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Back to the Island of Hispanola

Well, here we go again!  After a 5 day trip home turned into a 2.5 week trip, I am heading back to the country that has my heart.

I'm extremely excited because I will be able to focus all of my energy on the village.  With the passing of Denise and the construction of the UNOPS housing beginning soon, there are so many details to remember and loose ends to tie up.

Left from home at 3:45am, 6:30am flight, arrived in Port-au-Prince at 12:10pm.  I am sooo happy to be back!

Since the Paraguayans have graciously been the keepers of the van, they picked me up and then we went to get Pastor Regis.  Pastor Regis has been a friend of Kendra's for quite some time and will be helping me with translation at the village.

Changing driving gears from the US to Haiti is just incredible.  In the US the roads are smoothly paved (mostly), there are many (sometimes too many) stop signs and stop lights, police who actually respond to emergencies and are lined with businesses in a clean and organized fashion.

Haiti is nothing like this.  Chaos, chaos and more chaos.

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