Friday, May 25, 2012

Last Full Day

To Downtown PAP.  Stopped to see Alain at IOM.  He is leaving June 15th to work in Congo.  I am so bummed he won't be around, but am grateful for his help with the village and support during my time in Haiti.  This is an amazing opportunity, so I am extremely happy for him.
Alain and Emily at the IOM Office near the Presidential Palace.
Drove by the Presidential Palace so that Kevin could see it.  It mostly looks the same to me a year later, but I've heard they have been cleaning it up.  
Afterwards, we met Samaritan's Purse to pick up a FREE (for us) 700 gallon tank.  Amazing!  Strapping it to the top of the van is another story, but we were successful!
Lunch followed at the National Gas Station, a favorite pit stop.

Out to the village to deliver the tank and check in on our multiple projects.  Miss Coutard, the principal of the HELP School came for a tour of the new houses.  She was very impressed!  One of her teachers lives in the village and she said he was proud to say he lived there and wanted to show off his house to his coworkers.  I can already see a huge change in the spirits of the people.  It is so encouraging to see them brainstorm again on ways to use the other materials to better their community.  After Denise's passing, many of them were very low, but this seems to be a tangible sign of hope for them.

Roly in his home. 

Miss Coutard and Emily
Stopped by to see the Paraguayan's progress.

The beautiful church we pass every trip to the village.  It is a beautiful disaster and a wonderful reminder.  I love it.

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