Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday

Last night I learned that Good Friday is the most dangerous day of the year in Haiti because of voodoo.  Yikes!

In Ganthier, the next village over, there is a place called Mount Calvary.  Here people who are Catholic and those who practice voodoo meet.  I still don't totally understand how it works, but thousands of people drive taptaps (truck taxis) from all over to walk up this hill.

When we left the compound, traffic started to get very thick.  Way more than I've ever seen in the countryside.  There were police stops and the girls counted over 75 taptaps, or buses full of people, through one of the two police checks we passed.  And it was only just after 8am!

When we got to the village I walked the perimeter twice while praying.  I felt really uneasy about the ride over because of all the traffic and knowing the implications of having a team of Americans drive through Ganthier on Good Friday.  Holy Week is known for it's parties and riots.

Love A Child already wanted us back early, but we realized we should leave before that just incase.

We did a few things around the village and then the Pastor held his service.  He came out of his shelter in his Sunday best.  A few songs were sung, scriptures read, and there was a short message.  I spent my time outside the tent, but it was beautiful to see him do what he could in appreciation of the team's work.

Before the service ended my friend Alain from IOM came by.  He is from Cameroon in Africa and is just the coolest!  Today is his day off and he decided to spend time driving to see how we were doing.  Tomorrow he flies to the States to see his wife and 4 year old daughter.  So sweet.

I enjoyed having time with him to catch up and show him our progress.  Sometimes I feel like every step forward is a few steps back, but his words of encouragement are inspiring.  I appreciate his insight!

Chris, Cassandra, Miss Inez, and James (translator) met us at the site to drive back with us to Victory Compassion.  We had a little caravan going - so I drove the middle vehicle with Franck in shotgun.  I prayed most of the way home.  Thank you Lord for this, thank you Lord for that, thank you Lord that the taptap didn't hit me, thank you Lord that the crowds were mostly up the hill and only empty buses lined the street.  All that anxiety ended when our caravan was safely through (and way past!) Ganthier.  Whew.

The pressure of driving here is intense enough with people riding on the back of the truck, no seat belts, anticipating a riot - yikes.  Not to mention the whole thing about if you accidentally kill someone they intentionally kill you.

Everyone made it home safely and the team packed up.

I've enjoyed talking to the members of this team.  They've been great encouragers.  Even though I didn't know them when they arrived, I felt a connection through playing the name game.  We know many of the same people.  Their feedback on leadership was also of great value to me.

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