Friday, March 23, 2012

Group Projects

The team has been here for a few days now and things are going very well.  They came with LeSea Global, an organization that delivers food worldwide, and Feed The Hungry.  Both ministries deliver food to schools, orphanages and small villages.
Eve Rose at her orphanage.
(Photo by Jake Jones)

This group has been great because they are so prepared; bringing everything from stuffed animals to small candies and preparing skits and even a song in creole.

On Thursday Pastor Rod and I ventured to the other side of the island with the team to a place called Mercy and Sharing Village.  Essentially, it is an orphanage for handicap children and teenagers.  Both mentally and/or physically.  I've never seen anything like it.  I mean severe deformities.  The outcasts.  Some can't even get out of bed.  Many of the children are left at the hospital or on the streets.  They gave us a tour, we had lunch with the kids and then the team did an hour long program with games and stories, did a food distribution and passed out toys and candy to all the kids.  The people of Mercy and Sharing Village are angels for these kids.  They took in the unwanted and unloved.  It was powerful to see.

The next day we went to Eve Rose's orphanage in the morning and Max's church in the afternoon.  Both were very successful with one ending it a fight between two Moms over the toy distribution.  We hadn't even got to the food yet.  Pastor Rod and I got the team into the truck and we took off pretty soon after to leave the food distribution to the Pastor of the church and Max, our translator friend.  Safety first.

Tonight was the first time I spent with the team during their evening debriefing time.  After being here so many times, I sometimes forget the original feelings and questions I had about Haitian culture.

Tomorrow we are going to the village I helped build to do a short program and food and toy distribution.  I'm so excited to share with the team my Haiti experience and how different it has been compared to theirs.

Cassandra at Eve Rose's.
Emily and Cassandra riding in the back of the truck home.

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