Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Journey Back Home

Slept in a little at Esmeldin's.  His family is so cute.  A beautiful wife and four precious children.

This morning we sat in the kitchen for awhile, then Omar and I walked to change money at a nearby bank.  I need to get pesos for our taxi ride.

Got ready, read on their porch and then Orlando the taxi driver came to pick us up to head to the airport.

I really enjoyed some time with just Susan and I.  I felt like we hadn't had much time to talk one on one.  She is such a strong woman.  We talked for quite awhile and she shared a few stories she hadn't before with me.  Her love for the Lord is contagious.  In all she has been through, she continues to acknowledge what God is doing in her life and in the lives of her family members.  She is strong and full of faith.

Easy time through security, but after leaving the gate we headed back for air conditioning problems with the plane.  Smooth flight, through customs, through security again.

At the gate for our flight from Miami to Detroit, Kendra called.  It was actually Hermanito and he called to say that they bought chickens and the van smelled terrible.  I was so happy!  I'm glad Floyd (the van) is fixed and even more excited for the people!!  I'm sad I missed out after so many of my friends and family helped by buying chickens, but without the van for a week it was very difficult to coordinate everything.  Also, we learned that many chickens that had been coming from the DR had illnesses like swine flu.  Therefore, it all really did work out for the best.  They got the chickens from a chicken project at the Love A Child compound and bought enough feed.  Their project works with Haitian Broilers, so we know they are healthy chickens!

Talked to my Dad for a few minutes about the crazy life I live.  I wouldn't change it for anything.

Home safely just after midnight.

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