Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Orphanages and Food Distribution

Slept through breakfast and devotions. Jet lag!

A small group left to go to CAD for Bible School. They do a different 30 minute lesson each week to four classes of different ages. Today they talked about Noah's Ark.
New friends at CAD
During this time, Dr Suarez did a clinic for the kids. He is the same doctor who came to our village.  I was speaking creole to a girl who had a gash under her eye and what looked like a thumbnail that had been smashed where even the blood wasn't washed off.  I got Frank, the translator, to ask her a few questions.  Apparently she got in a fight with another girl and the teacher punished her by smashing her thumb.  NOT ok.  Violence does not solve violence.  Doctor treated her and we stored that nugget of information.
To Victory Compassion for lunch.  Beforehand Pastor Rod shared with the group some amazing things about how he has gotten to be where he is.  He is such a cool guy!  Told us the story of Eve Rose (lady who runs an orphanage nearby).  When he met her, she lived in a small, one-room house with 17 kids.  Now, she has lots of kids and will take anyone.  She even has a school and doesn't make them pay (most schools here you HAVE to pay, even if the government supports them).  She lived in the US for 20 years and was a professor of nursing.  Now she lives in Haiti loving on kids, for next to nothing.
Eve Rose has seven (7) very small babies she cares for as well.
Back for lunch, 40 minute nap, out to a small village to deliver food and play with the kids.  It is where Jenelle (a woman who sometimes works for VC) lives and is very small. We distributed rice with extra nutrients and granola bars. Doctor did another clinic.
Back to CAD for Kidz Club.  The group that is here told the kids about the playground and that even though they can’t build it this week, it will come soon.  All the kids said goodbye to Nick (he has been here since August).  It was very sweet.
To VC for free time, final night for Nick but I got sick. Threw up three times.  Food poisoning?  Stress?  Bed at 6:30pm.

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