Friday, October 21, 2011

Day of Flights

Flight delayed upon arrival at airport from 8:35am departure to 9:30am.  Automatically rebooked from Miami to DC.  Went through three (3), yes three different security checkpoints.  This is interesting because the US Travel website says that the Aviation Standards for the Port-au-Prince airport are not up to code.  Hmm.

Not much room to wait.  Upstairs was a food court.  Most of the people waiting were church mission teams in matching t-shirts or UN/NGO organization workers.  Many of the latter were drinking beers in the food court balcony 8am.

Boarded flight, took off, 30 minutes in the captain came over the speaker to tell us the fuel gauge wasn't working so we had to go back to Port-au-Prince.  Waited for mechanic, mechanic arrived, ran tests for 30 minutes, more waiting, ok to take off.

Arrived in Miami, waiting at customs, rebooked on different flights twice.  Finally arrived in Washington DC at 8:00pm instead of 3:40pm.  I had a rough time at the airport.  The guy checking me in when I was at the Miami airport got to watch me cry.  I couldn't help it - no one would help, I'd been up since 4:45am and I hadn't eaten anything when I got to speak with him at 4pm.  I was over it.

In DC, I visited my dear friend Bonnie and we went to the Red Wings game!  A crazy transition from Haitian life to life in the big city for a weekend.

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