Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Another Adventure Begins: The Beginning of Trip 4

After spending the entire month of May in Haiti and the DR, I headed back to the United States...for two weeks.  It was an amazing break to spend time with friends and family.  I even got to spend a long weekend in Oklahoma at the Mid-America Free Methodist Church Conference's Family Camp and in Tulsa, Oklahoma with friends.

When I headed back to Haiti on June 14th, I had a hard time keeping up on my journal.  We returned and were so busy getting the families settled, distributing supplies and planning our next moves that sleeping at night was the priority over writing.  I did keep up for awhile, but there is a serious gap in the middle of the trip and not all the days are complete.

Day 1

Rough start this morning. Almost missed our flight even though we were at the airport in plenty of time.

I enjoyed riding down with Marty and Cheryl Trepus (Thank you for taking us!) to help Kendra catch them up on the adventures.

Into Santo Domingo by 3pm. Spent the plane ride talking to Kendra about what we've been up to the last week since we've spent so much time together. Samuel picked us up and was very happy to be with his wife. They spent time together while I visited with their friends Doris and Raul.

I enjoy spending time with Doris and Raul because they are very focused on serving their community - in the poorest of areas. During my second trip, I visited the community program where they serve.  Their enthusiasm for people is contagious. I arrived at their home about 4pm and slept until dinner at 8pm. Afterwards, we spent time on their roof talking about their plans for the future and what they think God is calling them to do next. Just spending a small amount of time with them is encouraging.

I'm grateful for this evening of rest before our long journey to Haiti tomorrow.

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