Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 2: Travel Day

Kendra came to pick me up this morning with Johnbern and Danny's brother, Pierre Paul. We went to the supermarket to get groceries and then headed to Port-au-Prince.

On the way we had tire problems and had to stop to get two new front tires. Yikes. The others lasted only a year, but with all the terrible holes in Haiti, I am honestly surprised they lasted that long.

Afterwards, I was beginning to feel a little sick. They stopped to grab a sandwich and I threw up in a bag in the car. Then, she had to pull over again later - lovely.

The border closes at 6pm Dominican time, which is 5pm Haiti time. We arrived at 6:10pm. Kendra floored it all the way to the gate and begged them to stay open. They said hurry, so she ran to the building, which is flooded from all the water, and is actually now outside under a tarp. After much debating, they approved our paperwork and the gates opened.

The DR Building is closed due to flooding.
They set up outside under the tarps instead.
The road is straight...I think.
The market in between the two is now only on one side because the water levels are so high. At the Haitian building, getting in was a breeze, but leaving wasn't. With only one lane, traffic was going both ways. Kendra got our passports stamped, then got back in the vehicle and let a car go through that was coming in the opposite direction. Then, a giant box truck started coming and she said "no way" and drove up to meet this box truck nose to nose.  It was quite entertaining.  We were all laughing and she was ready for war.

Headed to Victory Compassion.  Stayed the night since I still wasn't feeling well.

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