Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sometimes I need to get away from the work and that is when I visit Jeanilia.  She is always the person I need to see.  We worked side by side at Victory Compassion my first two months in Haiti this year.  She is so sweet and we communicate speaking Spanish.  Jeanilia is a remarkable woman and ray of light to those around her.  She is so wise and has a gentle spirit.  I spent all afternoon with her catching up, laughing, and just enjoying her company.

Jeanilia's Dad and I with their "pets".
Jeanilia and her family in her home. 
Carlos and I spent some time in Jeanilia's village and the girls wanted to do Carlos' hair.
It was the afternoon entertainment.
Jeanilia's home.  She lives on one side with her two children and her Dad lives on the other.
We walked to a small hut to buy cokes.
The locals got a kick out of us.
On our walk back, Jeanilia's kids had to walk by their friends who were at the well getting water for their families.  If you look closely at the left - her kids are hiding their cokes behind their backs so their friends don't see their treats.

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