Friday, September 7, 2012

September Trip

I was so honored to be invited back to Haiti to celebrate the Medal Parade Ceremony with my United Nations' Paraguayan Friends.  They have played such a big role in my Haiti experience and I was overjoyed to spend their special day with them.

Due to bad weather in Florida, my flight was delayed and rerouted.  To make matters worse, I missed my flight and it was the last flight to Port-au-Prince for the day.  Along with nine others, I had to stay in Fort Lauderdale for the night.  After a long and stressful day, there was an upside.  I met a new friend named Cara.  Cara was heading to Haiti for three months to work on a project she started with a friend to help kids overcome hunger.  Completely inspiring and encouraging!  I was definitely supposed to miss my flight to meet her.  We had dinner and even ended up sharing the cost of a hotel room.  I know we will be in touch.  It is fun to meet people and feel understood.

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