Saturday, July 7, 2012

Work Days

Every day is different.  Every single day in Haiti has been different in so many ways.  It is an adventure even when steps forward end up being steps backwards.

Today I spent time with the villagers have a variety of conversations.  Then, we began the revolving fund!  This is something I have wanted to do for some time but wanted to make sure it was something the people would buy into.  Max, my dear friend and currently translator, was a big help in this as he has a small business with his wife and often provides business opportunities to those around him.  I really appreciated his help in this context.

Handing out school supplies so the kids can continue reading
and writing while school is out for summer.  They won't go back until October.

This photo was taken on a Sunday.  He was preparing the family's meal.
Most of the families in the village still do not have money to eat regularly.  This is the most food I've ever seen in the village besides one meal we ate together after a donation was given from the Doctor.
A meeting with four (4) women who are part of our revolving fund.
The contract with the women for their loans.  Note how two of them are unable to sign their names.

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