Sunday, May 20, 2012

Overlook and Church

This morning we went up to the overlook to see all of Port-au-Prince.  Five Paraguayans had time off and were able to go with us.  We were happy about this because they could show us the way.  
For most of them it was their first time also.
Kevin, Marty, Don, John

Alfredo Almada, Emily, Carlos, Kevin 
Carlos, Kevin, Emily
Video interview at the overlook with a few Paraguayans.  My Spanish really is getting better!
In the evening we stopped by the Evangelical Church and Catholic Church to distribute Bibles in Spanish.  Everyone was very grateful because they do not have easy access to the resources here in Haiti.
We had dinner with a large group of visitors and the officials tonight in the main Dining Hall.  Afterwards, Kevin and I went for a walk and my friend who was working in the guard station snapped this photo of us.  It gives a good overview of the layout of the base.

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