Saturday, March 17, 2012

Pastor Dave - YouthVision International

Pastor Dave Rogers and his wife are the founders of YouthVision International and they have been friends with Pastor Rod for years.  There are some people that are completely contagious to be around and  is one of them.  After starting youth clubs all over Africa and in places like Brazil, you can't help but be drawn to the stories and methods of progress.  He is so wise and I feel honored we (Cassandra, Chris and I) got to spend time with him before the arrival of the rest of our team.

At our leadership meeting on Saturday morning, he had a powerful message on loving children and teens.  The youth workers were very moved and asked a lot of great questions.  Definitely insightful.

I'm so grateful that he came to Haiti to share his vision of starting small groups so that children and teens can share what's on their hearts with a mentor.  These kids need someone, anyone to provide an outlet for all the emotions they have at that age.  I really feel like here the children grow up exponentially faster than in the States.  The majority of young girls have been sexually abused and have STDs.  At CAD, most of them were in some type of slave-like work.  These kids desperately need to talk to someone and to build a relationship with a mentor who can help them navigate who they are and who they can be.  It's all about restoring integrity and giving them hope.

Pastor Dave is a true visionary for reaching and loving people.  I feel honored that he spoke into my life in just the short time I've known him.

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