Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First Team Arrives

What an amazing day!  I feel so blessed.

Chris asked me to work with Jeanilia to clean the kitchen.  It was in pretty rough shape.  Jeanilia is a sweet woman who helps around the compound  with cooking and light cleaning of the kitchen and dorm rooms when groups come.  She is single and has two young kids.  I really enjoy working with her because she speaks a little Spanish, so we can communicate.

We spent the whole day cleaning and only got halfway through.  Our definitions of cleanliness vary slightly.  She doesn't typically use all the cleaning products we have because she doesn't even know what they are.  The time we spent together was wonderful and I enjoyed getting to know her a little better.

My first team arrived tonight!  It was really cool to have people around who are first timers to Haiti and so excited to help.  The team will be here 10 days and consists of 10 people from Victory Christian Center in Alberta, Canada.

There is so much more to say, but I've got to get some rest.  The mornings come early here!

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