Saturday, March 31, 2012

First Group Leaves

Our Canadian friends left yesterday.  I really enjoyed having them around the last 10 days.

They were so prepared and left behind many toys and bags of candy to distribute as we see fit.

Here are a few extra pictures from this last week.

Driving to a site.

Playing soccer in a tent camp. 
Pastor Rod and I
Sulie (from the team) and I
Stickers the team brought that say "Happy Easter!"
Victory Christian Center of Alberta, Canada, Feed the Hungry and LeSea Global Ministries, we thank you for your service to the Haitian people.  Thank you for blessing them and blessing our team.  We are honored to have worked alongside you for His glory!

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  1. Hey Emily! This is Karen, your CMU running buddy. I just found your FB link to this blog and will have to find time this week to read all your previous posts. Since the day we met, I always knew you were destined to change the world. Hope all is well, friend. :)