Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Office Work and a Welcome for Sue

Weird day.  After all our meetings yesterday, we had lots of follow-up to do!
Kendra got up early.  I slept through breakfast and woke up at 7am.  Captain Florentin said they saved me an egg.  The egg was gone when he went back for it, so he brought me a banana smoothie, giant bologna sandwich and two containers of yogurt.  They must forget that girls don’t eat like military men.
Spent two hours working in Colonel Casco’s office, then we headed to Russ and Sherry’s to use their internet.  Spent about 4-5 hours there.  Did one load of laundry, made Macaroni and Cheese for lunch, lots of follow-up emails and phone calls.

Linda Adams, Director of Childcare International, is staying with Russ and Sherry this week, so she and Kendra caught up while I continued to work and enjoy a little down time to send emails to family and friends.
Alain from IOM called to tell us he talked to the boss of one of the people we asked for solar lights from yesterday and they are going to give our people three new lights!  This will be great for increased night security, especially for our women and children.
The time was approaching to go pick up Susan Ranney, a friend from my home church at the airport.  I refused to be late because the airport can be so hectic!  She arrived safe and sound.  While we were waiting, Kendra ran into an old Pastor friend from Flint who she was in TFCs with.  Small world, yet again.
Susan had been to Haiti in April of 2010, just a few short months after the earthquake.  Her second trip was when I came in January/February of this year to build the temporary shelters and now we are here together again.  I’m looking forward to introducing her to the families that she built the shelters for.

The Deacon (Carlos Martinez) and Sue
Back to the Paraguayan base to get her settled.  We are known as the snack center now because Major Rodriguez, the Deacon and Captain Torres all stopped by our container to talk and eat trail mix by the cup full.  Before they came by, I was teaching Susan how to say her name in Creole.  So when they came by, she introduced herself in Creole instead of Spanish – it was really cute.
We’ve been eating later so as not to disrupt the men and their routine.  The last two nights about 8pm, we head to the dining hall and get to eat alone.  I’ve enjoyed it.  Carlos Martinez, the Deacon, sat with the three of us while we ate spaghetti and told us some interesting things.  One is that every night there are always eight security guards on duty.  Also, of the 100 men here, there are 10 who have never even left the base since they arrived!  I’ve got stir crazy just staying in my container a few days – and I go out daily!
Our escort to dinner.
The Deacon came back to our container to talk theology with Kendra.  They are matching up the symbolism in Old Testament scripture with the New Testament.  While they talked, Susan rested and I finished an official “Letter of Assistance” for FAO.

The Internet here was working during the day, but of course now that I want to use it, it isn’t working again.

Listened to music, bed by 10pm.

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