Saturday, October 15, 2011

Visiting Friends

Spent time organizing items at the house, emailing and making phone calls at Russ and Sherry's guest house.  It is Saturday, so not many organizations want to hang out with you on their day off.  I wonder why?

Omar made lunch for us of rice and beans with hog dogs. After completing our office work for the day, we made our schedule for the week and headed to Victory Compassion to visit.

The drive is over an hour. On the way we saw an overturned taptap (taxi) that had been in an accident and a separate incident where a lady was laying dead on the street - yikes! 

Victory Compassion was so fun tonight!  We had a few things to drop off and they invited us to stay for dinner.  Mary was there with the Hoffman family, the Dominicans (who are on a crusade) and Dr Swarez.  Pastor Rod wasn't around, but his son Chris was there - wearing a Tigers hat!  I had no idea their family was from Detroit!

On one trip (in June I think), I met a guy named Nicholas who was on a team from Arizona.  I think I wrote a short blurb about him before. At any rate, when I first met him we had a great conversation about dating, etc and I suggested the book "Boy Meets Girl" by Joshua Harris.  (Its really good!)  I took down his address and ordered it off for him.  Well I never sent it, I have no idea why, I just never did.  Come to find out, it was a good thing because he came back to Haiti after I left anyways.  I'm excited he is back and spending time with such amazing Christians.  I know I have grown so much and I am sure he will too.

Since we weren't staying the night, we had to leave early.  I was really sad!  That was not enough time to catch up with everyone.  I've really missed these people.  My friend Laurel arrives on Thursday afternoon, so we made plans to return Thursday night.  I'm looking forward to it.  These people have enhanced my experience tenfold.

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