Tuesday, October 18, 2011

UN Trucks and To Do Lists

Each morning, Kendra and I enjoy watching Omar attempt to take pictures of the UN trucks on our commute.  He tries so hard and then at the last minute misses the truck.  A little comical.  Check out these attempts...

The rest of this post is more like an agenda or to do list....

Visited IOM Shelter office.

IOM Warehouse to pick up tools, medical supplies and emergency shelter kits.

Went to Log Base for meetings including:
  • UNFPA - ran into Reggie (from Haiti)
  • IOM Camp Management - Alain (from Africa)
  • Lunch in the cafeteria with Nicole from IOM WASH (She is from Germany)
  • Back to UNFPA
  • To UNICEF to check on request
To US Embassy

To land to drop off IOM Warehouse supplies. The people wanted to show us the work they did on the land. Two guys were showering. Aye. I chased a small goat out of the area.

I was going to crop this picture,
but I decided I liked the randomness of it.
Yonel, Donkey, Emily, Pastor

Walking back to the land, I use the small hand sanitizer I keep hooked on my bag.  I offered it to the three guys who were with us.  It was getting dark and the mosquitos were bad, so they started rubbing it all over their legs and arms.  I can speak a little Spanish to the one, so we all laughed when I told him it was only for his hands...and not to be used as mosquito repellent.

Took Molive Mesifort (for her finger), Wisline (for baby Elby) and Yonel (to protect the women on their ride back) to the Cuban clinic. It is free and they speak Spanish, so Kendra is able to communicate with them. They have taken good care of the other people we have taken there, so we feel good about dropping the people off. 100 goudes (about $2.50 US) each so they can get home. It might even be enough with extra for a little food.

Back to Russ and Sherry's for dinner in our mini-apartment. Pizza.  Read emails from family and friends, chatted with Dad and bed.

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