Thursday, October 13, 2011

Administrative Work and Spanish Lessons

After arriving in Santiago, Dominican Republic late Monday night, I spent two days working with Kendra on administrative stuff, driving her around in Jarabacoa to do errands and relaxing.

Today we planned to leave early to head to Haiti, but a few road blocks came up.  One such roadblock required me going to the bank to pay a credit card.  I love testing my spanish and am happy to report that they understood most of the words I was saying, or at the bare minimum, my motions and hand gestures.  It has been a little difficult reviving my Spanish and learning some Haitian Creole while maintaining my dignity as a foreigner. With so much animosity between the Haitians and Dominicans, it's amazing I don't start a war when I confuse we and si (both mean yes, respectively, in their own languages).

Hours later, we were on the road at 6pm. The biggest test of my Spanish came with our new team member, Pedro Omar. He is the son of Kendra's pastor friends from Santiago. Johnbern was supposed to come with us, but he had some things to do in Santo Domingo. Pedro obviously speaks Spanish and a little English. This should make things interesting!  That's what I get for not practicing my 3 years of Spanish in school. Aye.

We picked up dinner at my favorite placein Jarabacoa - the Columbian foodstand. An Empanada with chicken and rice - delicious! Kendra drove to Santo Domingo and we were too tired from getting up so early, then working all day to leave that we decided to stay in town with her missionary friends, Kent and Janet Norell.

The Norrels have a beautiful home and were extremely hospitable. It is so refreshing!

Bed by 9pm as we are leaving here at 4am because we have a meeting at the Village in Haiti at 10am - yikes!

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