Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Monday, May 23

Most days, the group drives back and forth to the site and around town in what seems like a small parade. When I was in middle school, my family was choosen to be the Grand Marshals of Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom Parade. As we rode along the route, families would stop to take pictures, wave and stare. Riding from the main road back and forth to the site can often times feel like that. They know this vehicle as it has driven this access road many, many days since we began building the shelters in January.  But still, they stare and the kids wave - the gringo circus has come to town.

Today started, as these adventures often do, with a trip to the UN Log Base to speak with JOTC about our request for UN military help to clear the new land.

Afterwards, Kendra, Xiomara, Johnbern, and I headed out to the site for our meeting with Amandine from Handicap International. Kendra and I have been looking forward to this meeting for some time and afterwards we felt a little deflated. Basically, Handicap International only works in Delmas and Petionville of Port-au-Prince, so even though we have some amazing opportunities and possibilities for them, the families would rather stay in town (which I can totally understand based on needs they may have).

Giving a tour.
Amandine did offer up some great ideas and contacts to help us move forward. Even though it wasn't exactly what we wanted Amandine to say, we did appreciate an answer of some kind to know whether or not we needed to save spaces for these families.

Upon Amandine's departure, the four of us decided a prayer time was needed to make sure our focus was still on the Lord's will for this project. I lead in English, followed by Kendra and Xiomara in Spanish, then Johnbern followed in English. Even though I couldn't understand the prayer in it's entirity, it was beautiful, emotional, and exactly what we needed in that moment.

Down to HELP we ventured to have a meeting with the doctor regarding the land. Kendra had been trying to determine how to approach it all yesterday and most of today. After our prayers for serious wisdom, Kendra felt like she got the answers she was looking for in terms of the new land donation.

For the second time, Dr. Brutus brought up the point about his staff moving in and if we decided to stay out at the site to show them it was safe. At first, I thought this was a ridiculous idea because I wondered where we would sleep and what about a shower and we wouldn't have electricity to work and how would we cook? Then I felt I should eat a little slice of humble pie because that is exactly what they are saying - we built it, but we wouldn't actually live there. Ouch. Shame on me for my thoughts and for not being more sympathetic either.

A storm interrupted our conversation with the Doctor, so we headed to the white house at our site, unloaded the fencing and went back into town to head "home".

Xiomara decided to make dinner. She is an excellent cook and LIKES to cook, so I really appreciate her for that!

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