Sunday, May 29, 2011


As the days grow on, my updates get shorter and my grammar gets worse.  Bare with me!

Three girls to the Paraguayan base at 8am for church... a Catholic Mass completely in Spanish (my first one). Breakfast with the guys followed. Back to Juju's to pick up Johnbern and to drop off Xiomara, then out to the land.

Today was a day of distractions.  Instead of doing most of our plans, we ended up putting out mini-fires. Last night heavy winds and rain knocked off one of the beams from the pavilion.  We are so grateful that no one was injured.  This could have been a very serious situation if someone had gotten hurt.

Picked up the tools we let the families borrow. Decided to personally visit Sandra and Marie's homes to see if they still needed a temporary shelter. Saw Kevnas Alexandre (boy with hurt foot) on the way. The cut was not bandaged and infected yet again. We told him to go home and we would pick him up on the way back through.

Spoke with Sandra to clear the air about HELP families getting temporary shelters. Picked up Kevnas and his sister Gina to take them to the Cuban Haitian Clinic. Lucky for us, the clinic is free. We also stopped back at the land because one of the babies had a fever.

Stopped with them at the clinic, then back to Juju's. Kendra cleaned the car while I wrote her emails and Xiomara sorted medical supplies. Johnbern left to play a Mother's Day concert because  today is Mother's Day in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. After awhile, the girls (Karina and Georgina) did Xiomara and I's hair. Lots of random braids.

Packed up everything in the workroom except our beds. Left house to go to pizza with the Paraguayans as we are leaving and some of them have a break now. To Domino's Pizza once again with the Commander, Major Rodriguez, Captain Florentin, Captain Torres, and Captain Rofel. It is always neat for us to see them away from the base and work because thry are a fun group. Practiced my terrible spanish. Lucky for me that 2.5 of them spoke some English!

Home by 10:30pm and straight to bed.

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